Wednesday, May 7, 2008

You asked for it!

I have had several request for some pictures of my trip to Paris. I took about 350 so I picked just a few. (You will really love the last one!!)

This is me in a garden across from the Musee Marmaton. Don't those flowers just make you want to sing "I love Paris in the springtime....."
This is my husband, Matt, and I with that famous tower in the background. Matt and I in front of a fountain at Versailles.
Matt and I on the bank on the Seine waiting to get on our dinner cruise. You can see a glass top boat in the background and we took a cruise on a boat similar to that and got to see Paris at sunset and all light up for the evening from the river.
Matt and I getting ready to go and see the Louvre and yes we did see the Mona Lisa.
The famous Notre Dame de Paris. I didn't have a picture of us outside here...
This is just a little flower shop on the Ile de Saint Louis and I just had to take a picture because it just looks like what you expect a flower shop to look like in Paris.
Me on the step leading up to Sacra Coeur. Matt and I did climb all the steps to view the city from the top dome and I have to say that gets my vote for the best view in Paris.
And finally - the picture that all of you will really appreciate........
Yes, I really did have to go and find a scrapbook store in Paris. They really have much of the same stuff that we have and most of their supplies were imported from the US but I did pick up a couple of scrapbook magazines in French.

I hope you like the photos. We had a wonderful time in Paris and if Matt would let me I would go back tomorrow.


Marilyn said...

OOOHHH - Leah - thanks for sharing - I feel like I took a little mini-trip to Paris - you are SOOO lucky girl!! How awesome to go to Paris with your hubby and get to see all those famous landmarks!! I appreciate you sharing the pictures, you and your hubby look so cute together - you need to beg him to take you back to visit again LOL!! Now tell me, what job does your husband have that got you this trip to Paris - and can you get a job application for my hubby??!!! Just Joking!! LOL!! Anyway, thanks again for sharing pictures!!

Jana Emmert said...

What great photos! And how funny that you found a scrapbook store. My son was in Paris last summer. Wonder why he didn't go shopping there for me?? LOL

Beth said...

Thanks so much for sharing the pix! The view from the Sacra Coeur must have been breathtaking! Not a lick of french in me, but I got enough out of that last pic to know *exactly* what was in there. Glad you're back safely.